Riverport combines 20+ years industry experience with innovative technology to bring you no fuss comprehensive Commercial Insurance. We value relationships which is why we provide our clients complimentary access to the ValueBuddy and BüddyGuard apps as well as a dedicated team for personal service.

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No matter the size of your business, we can assist you with transport insurance at the best rates.

We Insure a wide range of vehicles and other transport including trucks, cars, bakkies, plant equipment, trailers, agricultural vehicles and more.

Because we offer a personalised service, you receive a competitive rate specific to your needs and have the pleasure of avoiding call centers, and rather dealing with individuals who truly understand your needs.


All farmers’ needs are different, which is why we tailor our agriculture insurance portfolios to suit your precise requirements. We also know that running a farm is time consuming, which is why letting us manage your full portfolio, ensures that with one call you can get the personalised attention quickly and easily, without dealing with call centers.

Let us provide a fully tailored insurance portfolio to cover all risks relating to your agricultural business, from liability, to theft, loss, transport and more.


With our marine insurance, we can cater to both private and commercial needs.

From watercraft, which would typically cover everything from damage, medical expenses and emergency related costs and repairs to commercial marine insurance which covers a wide range of needs from vessels to stock, loading, warehousing, loss, theft, and liability.

Contact us today for a personalised consultation and quote.


There is a myriad concern regarding liability no matter what company you are running. Our extensive liability insurance solutions cover every conceivable concern from pollution, to products, employees, stock, warehousing, transport, defamation, loss, advertising, and much more.

We provide personalised liability insurance solutions, as well as outstanding ongoing support.


Economic loss because of your profession or career can be absolutely devastating. Professional Indemnity cover ensures that you, your staff, contractors, and your business is protected against all losses relating to negligence and malpractice of any sort.

Let us review your specific needs and provide a personalised insurance solution to protect you and everything that you have worked so hard to build.


As a business owner your office is your livelihood and should you lose any part of it due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be faced with extreme economic loss that can potentially lead to closure.

From damages, to theft, loss, legal liability and more, we provide comprehensive buildings and office insurance cover to protect you against debilitating loss.


Even with increasing deposits on rented properties, rental insurance is essential to cover the wide range of risks that you as a property owner could potentially face. Whether it is damage to property, theft, and any ensuing legal claims, rental insurance provides you with complete peace-of-mind.


No matter the stock or warehousing facilities you need to protect, we have the knowledge and resources to offer solid stock and warehousing insurance. From damage due to natural disasters, accidental damage, contamination, deterioration, theft and more, protect your business with Riverport today.


No matter your requirements and what you need to cover, Riverport can provide you with comprehensive insurance cover for any damage or losses related to natural disasters, accidental damage, or theft.


Commercial crime is not restricted to theft by employees, which is why commercial crime insurance is so essential. Commercial crime can take the form of cyber-crime – that is the loss of data due to ransomware or the proliferation of a virus due to an infected email – to theft and malicious damage by employees, fraud, extortion and so much more.

Each business has unique needs, which is why Riverport will provide you with a fully customised commercial crime insurance policy that meets your specific needs.


Cyber risk and IT security are becoming forefront concerns for businesses world-wide, which is why cyber risk insurance has become essential.

We cater for both technology businesses seeking indemnity, as well as businesses that wish to receive compensation for any unforeseen downtime, and any businesses involved in publishing content online.

At Riverport, our cyber risk insurance, which is designed around your specific needs, covers the cost and loss associated with any event relating to network downtime or criminal activity.


International travel insurance is essential, no matter the purpose for which you or a group are travelling out of the country. Whether you are looking to insure an employee, or ensure a full expedition, a group or even a tour – Riverport provides a complete range of commercial travel insurance options.

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