Riverport offers professionalism and outstanding value for money in a variety of personal cover services. Our aim is to provide our clients with personal service as we build an affordable and valuable Insurance package to meet your needs. Find the cover you need below and contact our team for more information. 

Select from one of the following Personal cover options or contact our team for a tailor-made quotation on info@riverport.co.za 


We have a variety of options when it comes to vehicle insurance. Everyone is different with diverse needs and when it comes to personal vehicle insurance, it pays to balance affordability, with excess payments and actual cover.

At Riverport we will help you to choose the vehicle insurance correct option for your needs. Our options include basic car insurance, as well as comprehensive car insurance and both cover theft, hijacking and more.


We all need house and household contents insurance because what could be worse than severe damage or theft resulting in the monetary loss of those items you have worked so hard for.

At Riverport we have a wide range of house and household insurance options that provide you with cover as either a tenant or homeowner. We can create house and household insurance solutions that suit your exact wants and needs. These can include household contents, private property, as well as fixtures and fittings.


Homeowners insurance is mandatory to qualify for a bond as it covers the financial institution’s investment.
It is important to note that homeowner’s insurance, otherwise known as building insurance, does not cover the contents of your home. Therefore, you will need to also apply for home contents insurance should you wish to insure your personal possessions.
Make sure you get homeowners insurance and house contents insurance a few days prior to moving into your new home.
Riverport can assist you with unique premium options which will help you navigate through this existing decision.


At Riverport we pride ourselves on offering a genuinely personalised service which is why our All-Risk insurance cover is prepared by our experts, to suit your individual needs.

All Risk insurance covers any specific personal items that are either valuable, or that mean a lot to you. Riverport will provide insurance cover for their replacement or reimbursement to you.


Having any form of watercraft requires a significant financial outlay, as well as a range of responsibilities as an owner. For this reason, if you have any watercraft, you need watercraft insurance.

At Riverport we offer fully comprehensive insurance cover – from theft and loss, to damage, medical expenses, as well as emergency services and repairs.

Chat to us about personalised watercraft insurance that covers all your needs today.


Caravans and trailers come at a significant cost these days, which is why you need Caravan and Trailer Insurance. Losing such an asset would be a major and unnecessary financial setback.

At Riverport, we offer both basic and comprehensive options which are affordable, and which will be customised to suit your specific caravan or trailer, and your usage needs.


The Funeral Fundi Plan provides affordable funeral cover to finance funeral expenses in the unfortunate event of death. Every person deserves a dignified funeral ceremony and to have peace of mind afforded by knowing that family or loved ones left behind will be assisted by a trusted financial partner when needed the most.


If you or you and your family are planning to go overseas, international travel insurance is essential.

From lost luggage and cancelled flights to medical expatriation and more, we offer you the world’s leading travel insurance product with optimal cover and benefits.

We offer premium value with our Commercial cover options, have a look